Inflatable Thing

By | Tuesday, March 16, 2010 1 comment
Back when I ran my Fantastic Four website, I was regularly on the look-out for FF licensed goods. Not that I bought many of them, but I had a "Memorabilia" area of the site where I'd post information about that type of thing. One item that I recall finding but never posted on my site was this...

I came across it on eBay, and the description was pretty vague. (Which is why I never posted it on my site; I didn't feel I had enough information about it.) He only said it was 24 inches tall when inflated and had a 2000 copyright date.

I never heard or saw anything about it this ever again. I suspect it may have been used as a carnival prize or something like that. Maybe?

Anyway, I just found it buried on an old CD and thought I'd share because... well, the internet was made for weird crap like this, wasn't it?
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Jeff said...

Well, I want it.