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I've actually been plenty busy lately, and I haven't said much of anything about webcomics lately. So, just to catch up, I figured I'd hit some webcomics subjects in a sort-of a higher-level-than-I-generally-like-to-write catch-all post.

High Moon
A new season of stories starts next month, with a printed version of the first stories coming out a little later in the month. That's fairly common knowledge, but I've also heard rumors that the High Moon team is preparing a spin-off comic focusing on my favorite HM character, Tristan.

Tozo, the Public Servant
David O'Connell just started Chapter 4 of Tozo, providing another handy jumping-on point for new readers. He's also getting Chapter 3 ready for print production now and says that should be on sale soon. That's particularly noteworthy since, allegedly, it features a cameo appearance by yours truly!

I ran across this comic several weeks ago. It's a pseudo-autobiographical story of creator Ethan Young. It was actually published as a print graphic novel a few years ago, but Young has substaintially reworked much of it and is publishing it online. I'm generally not a huge fan of the autobio comic genre -- they often come across as too self-indulgently important, but I don't get that sense with Tails at all. I'm vaguely reminded of Templar, AZ but without all the bat-shit crazy, and just a sort of an everyday "normal" crazy. (That's supposed to be a compliment, by the way.)

I mentioned Krishna's birthday earlier this morning. While he's probably more well-known for PC Weenies, I find Uncubed's honesty and sincerity more refreshing. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- the fact that I identify more with PC Weenies, Uncubed comes across as more clever to me. Plus, more pictures of Krishna's wife Aarti ain't a bad thing!

The Meek
I ran across this even more recently, but was immediately taken by the familiar but still decidedly strange world I found myself dropped into. Der-shing Helmer's art, too, is familiar yet strange. It's a little like seeing Micky Mouse with bare feet. But the story's very intriguing so far and I definitely want to see where it's headed.

Hermit Hill
I've been reading this one for a while, but the following strip from last week was funny enough to warrant printing out and handing in my cubicle at work.
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Nate Bramble said...

Hey cool! Thanks for the mention of Hermit Hill. Glad you enjoyed the strip.