Enjoying My Research

By | Sunday, September 20, 2009 3 comments
One of the things I enjoy about doing research is, obviously, the knowledge I get out of it. But on a strictly superficial level, I kind of dig the clutter I end up making in the process -- all of these piles of books and papers and whatnot, all with some relation to the topic at hand. My desk as it looks at the moment...

... and I know it'll get messier as it continues to bleed out of the office into the rest of the house. I've already got a decent pile started on the coffee table, and I still feel like I'm just getting started.
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Anonymous said...

Hm. Is that phone for real? Where's your Macintosh?? :) And what's that about MidOhioCon? Are you going? I'm gonna finally make it this year.

I met a woman, once, you collected photos of other people's desks. I haven't kept in touch with her but I'm sure she would have loved this. It is kind of a fascinating area of study.

1. The phone is real. Circa 1954 IIRC. I rewired it to work on modern phone lines, but I dropped the receiver a month or two back and it disconnected the earpiece; I haven't tried opening it up again to reconnect it.

2. Finally had to give up on Macs a few years back. Too expensive, and largely wasn't compatible with work machines. Not a big deal since Adobe CS is pretty much the same on either platform these days.

3. That's just an MOC postcard; I'm on their mailing list. Money's really tight for me these days, though, so I won't be going this year.

4. My desk is usually much neater than this. Like I said, it only gets really cluttered while I'm actively doing research.

Anonymous said...

True, even the tiny buttons and things in CS have been pretty much standardized for what, a couple versions now?

Very nice about the phone, hopefully it still has some mileage left. :)