Jenkins' Comic Recommendations

By | Sunday, September 06, 2009 Leave a Comment
Transmedia guru and USC professor Henry Jenkins recently compiled his list of contemporary comic book recommendations. Lots of great stuff on there, to be sure. I point it out, not so much for the list itself, but for pointing towards Jenkins' interest in comics and as someone who should be a bigger name in comic book circles than he is. Jenkins work over the past decade or two, while focusing more on science fiction than comics, has had a huge impact on me personally, and informs a lot of how I look at and approach comicdom. Jenkins can switch between his academic and fannish hats with ease, and is able to present his ideas in a friendly, approachable manner. I highly encourage everyone who visits my blog with any regularity to read what they can from him. I don't doubt you'll find it interesting and insightful.
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