Long John Silver & The Pirates

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Ahoy, mateys! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day and 'tis time to be showin' ye a piratical comic! We be lookin' at Long John Silver an' the Pirates number 31 from December nineteen hundred and fifty six. 'Twas published by a group went by the name of Charlton, and ran but three issues. The drawrin's were done by the likes o' Maurice Whitman, Rocco Mastroserio and one Robert Webb.

This here comical book was actually based on The Adventures of Long John Silver television programme from the same year wherein Robert Newton returned to the role he made infamous in Disney's Treasure Island a few years a'fore. Most int'restin' is that it was Netwon who single-handedly (or single-leggedly! Har har!) made pirate speech wot it is t'day! Fer-real pirates didn't actually speak that way, nor did actors portrayin' pirates until Newton!

I tip me hat to Golden Age Comics from where I gots me copy o' the issue. But fer me readers, I buried all the vile advertisments, so's you can jus' read the adventures...

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