"Sarah Palin" Is Just A Secret Identity

By | Thursday, September 11, 2008 Leave a Comment
Henry Jenkins spends time here going over various fan-created imagery surrounding GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Of interest to me is that Jenkins does cite several comic-based images created using her likeness, and goes further to note...
Several images in circulation read Palin as a superhero. Indeed, I was struck when I first saw her that she had adopted many of the stylistic choices of female superheroes in their alterego disguises -- her hair up in a bun, big librarian glasses. These "serious" trappings no more mask the beauty queen underneath than Clark Kent's glasses hide Superman... I have been imagining that moment which would be inevitable if this were a movie where she takes off her glasses, lets out her hair, and gives a sultry look to the American voters.

He also talks a bit about the notion of sidekicks. Interesting reading, seeing how comics culture has an influence on political discussion.
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