Yow! Zippy For Prime Minister

By | Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Leave a Comment
In what I would consider an absolutely amazing out-of-left-field maneuver, the Kadima party looks to back Zippy (the Pinhead) as the Prime Minister of Israel. The current PM, Ehud Olmer, is expected to step down amid corruption charges soon and, not surprisingly, whoever takes the reins would have a delicate and daunting set of task before them. The region, as a whole, hasn't exactly been stable and some other countries, to this day, refuse to acknowledge Israel as an independent country.

Now, I'm no expert on Zippy, but I'm somewhat familiar with his antics, having first read some of his exploits back in the mid-1980s. His adventures were entertaining, largely because of his exceptionally tenuous grasp on reality. (Which, ironically, proved more insightful than the notions of many more grounded individuals!) It's possible, I suppose, that his absurdist perspective may bring about positive change in a well-we-can't-be-that-different-because-we-both-agree-this-guy's-a-lunatic sort of way, but that seems pretty far-fetched even for Zippy's...

Hang on a moment; I've just been handed an update...


It seems that the Kadima party is backing Tzipi Livni, the current Foreign Minister, not Zippy the Pinhead, the current nutcase. My apologies for any confusion.

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