Frazz Wears The Devil's Panties

By | Monday, September 08, 2008 Leave a Comment
I was speaking to my father last night, and I had to explain the notion of mash-ups when it comes to music. Basically, you take two (or more) decidedly different songs and mash them together. Often, this involves the lyrics of one song over the melodies of another.

So I dug up some examples to send him, and found myself grooving along to The Jackson Five and Fatboy Slim simultaneously. Linkin Park and Genesis. Pink and ZZ Top. Will Smith and the Bee Gees. Some were crap, of course, but some were quite interesting as different elements merge together in new ways.

Then it occurred to me that could be done with comics. Take the artwork from one, and place the dialogue of another on top of it. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present today's installment of Frazz with the dialogue from todays' Devil's Panties...
Trust me, this is going to be the next Garfield Minus Garfield or Nietzsche Family Circus.

UPDATE: I just saw today's Pearls Before Swine and couldn't resist making Hi Pearls Before Swine Lois...
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