Hatter M Updates

By | Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Leave a Comment
Some interesting news from the world of Frank Beddor. The Hatter M series, published originally be Desperado, will be collected in paperback form and out on October 16. More interesting is that the paperback version will be published by the new imprint, Automatic Pictures Publishing. (If I'm reading the release properly. It's worded in such a way that it could also be interpreted to mean that this new imprint will only be publishing a collected version of all the Hatter M stories once the trilogy is complete.)

Also of note is that Hatter M volume 2 will be illustrated by Tyson Schroeder. I believe this will be his first professional comics work. While his work is distinctly different than Ben Templesmith's, it does share some thematic similarities and I can see why he was chosen. Samples of his work can be seen on his web site.

The release is also a little vague on whether the webisodes that will begin on October 16 (the same day the volume 1 paperback is being released) are going to be collected in a print format in Fall 2009, or that the webisodes are ancillary material to the actual volume 2 that sees print next year.

Not directly to comics, but relevant to the story, the final prose book of Beddor's trilogy is also slated for a Fall 2009 release. And, in the meantime, they'd like to present fans with Pissed Off Monkey...

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