Shameless Self-Promotion

By | Saturday, September 20, 2008 Leave a Comment
Don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I figured I ought to throw an advance plug out there for Jack Kirby Collector #51, since my editor tells me it's going to press this coming week. My "Incidental Iconography" column for the issue takes a look at Jack's 1974 revamp of the Sandman. The rest of the issue (like you really want to bother reading anything else in besides my column!) is described thus...
It’s a bombastic “Everything Goes” issue in JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #51 (84-page tabloid magazine, $9.95), as we spotlight a wealth of great submissions that couldn’t be pigeonholed into a regular “theme” issue! The issue leads off with a rare interview with JACK KIRBY himself, followed by new interviews with two of the hottest artists in comics, JIM LEE and ADAM HUGHES, discussing how Kirby influenced them! And in addition to numerous articles on all things Jack, there’s Mark Evanier’s regular column about his former boss, two huge Kirby pencil art galleries, a complete Golden Age Kirby story, two COLOR UNPUBLISHED KIRBY COVERS, and more! Edited by John Morrow.
I can't seem to find a street date handy, but I seem to recall it being the first or second week of September.
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