Tin Man

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Huh... For some reason, I missed this earlier, but Sci-Fi Channel created a prequel comic for their new Tin Man mini-series and it's available online. It's decidedly a prequel, with a lot of expository set-up, thus making it a little redundant after having watched part one last night. It's also a little odd in that the character renderings look almost nothing like the actors playing the same parts, which makes a substantial disconnect.

The overall story is good. I actually like the overall updates they've made. It's decidedly not the original story, but there are some clever changes/additions on the basic structure and themes. However, I've been less than impressed with the actual script, as much of the dialogue sounds clunky and a bit forced. That might be in part because of the delivery, but I doubt even the best actors could successfully pull off some of those lines. The prequel has some of the same problems but, as it was essentially a promotional preview, coupled with the lines not actually being spoken aloud by an actor, it's a little more forgiving on that front.

Speaking more directly to the movie itself, I want to like Zooey Deschanel but her performance isn't that great. She's not really performing badly, but it seems like she's at a bit of a loss when she doesn't have to actively speak her lines or directly react to someone else's. I don't recall that being a problem for her in Hitchhiker's (the only other thing I've seen her in) but it's been a little while since I've seen that. So perhaps I'm misremembering or perhaps she had more time to work on things with the big-budget Hollywood production. The other cast members have decent performances but nothing especially inspired (even from Richard Dreyfuss).

Anyway, like I said, there's still some good ideas throughout the series, some of which are on display in the comic. Worth a look, if for no other reason than Sci-Fi Channel felt that comics were a worthwhile pursuit in promoting their new mini-series.
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