Mandatory Zuda Post

By | Monday, December 03, 2007 1 comment
Yeah, yeah, you've seen crudloads of news items about how High Moon won the Zuda competition but, given my schedule the past few days, I'm going to shortcut my blog entry just now by using it as my subject here, rather than doing something original.

First off, I'm glad High Moon won. Not only because writer Dave Gallaher's a friend of mine, but I thought it was the best of the stories from an objective viewpoint. And, having spoken with David a while back, it's clear that a lot of thought went into not only the basic story elements, but also the construction as it was going to be implemented on Zuda. I think all of the contestants had great ideas, but the High Moon team seemed more in tune with the online execution of the final product. Congrats, guys! Well-deserved. Side Note: Hey, Dave -- I'll give you a call in the next couple of days once your celebrating has calmed down! ;)

You might also have seen some interviews and such with the creators. Of the ones I've seen, I might point you to this podcast of It Came Out On Wednesday as the most comprehensive/substantive interview so far.

Stay tuned to see how High Moon continues and whether or not Dave and Steve can keep up the great work! (No pressure, guys!)
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>> (No pressure, guys!) >>

Yeah, no pressure at all ;-)

Thank you, Sean.