This Week's Haul

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Hmmm... I'm drawing nothing from the wellspring of creativity today, so I'll go with a here's-what-I-picked-up-from-the-shop-this-week post...

Alter Ego #63
This is an Alex Toth tribute issue. As I've mentioned before, I'm not terribly familiar with Toth's work. I get AE regularly anyway, so this ought to be a good opportunity to become at least marginally familiar with him. Although I have to admit that I'm several issues behind in my AE reading.
Fantastic Four: The End #3
Alan Davis is doing a bang-up job here. Especially in light of how badly Mr. Fantastic is being characterized in the regular continuity stuff these days. I've already read this issue, and Davis throws in a wonderful tidbit about Inhuman society that I'd love to see played up in the mainstream books.
Green Arrow #69
I'm ambivalent about this supposed Batman appearance, but I like GA overall. The GA-as-mayor concept has some really intriguing possibilities that have been only touched on so far. I also like the isolation that they've thrown Star City into.
Spider-Woman action figure
I actually didn't see much in the way of new books to pick up this week, so I took the remainder of my comic book "allowance" and grabbed this. Should work well into my action figure metropolis.
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