Superheroes & Trauma Update

By | Friday, December 15, 2006 Leave a Comment
I got some feedback last night on my Thing/Dr. Doom essay from my editors. Given the trouble I had putting together my first draft, it was most welcome. I've had a devil of a time wrapping my head around a solid narrative for my piece. Do I go in order of the characters' histories? Do I tackle each traumatic event separately? Do I handle each creator's additions independently? My editors have solidified a lot of that for me and, while I have a fair amount of overhauling to do, it's most welcome and will (hopefully) make my second draft go smoother. (Actually, it will probably be more of a new first draft -- I really wasn't happy with what I turned in initially.)

Also, it looks like publication is getting pushed back at least until 2008. No big surprise there -- I figured '07 would have been extremely optimistic. But one of the editors also noted that he was hoping that we could have the book out in time for San Diego '08, and possibly have a panel discussion on the topic at the Con. And I have to say that THAT would be seriously cool. To not only go to San Diego, but also be there as a panelist? Man, that sounds like a blast!

Stay tuned, and I'll continue to let you know how things progress.
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