Things To Look Forward To In 2007

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Yesterday, I did a quick (and largely incosequential) run-through of 2006, so I thought I'd try to look into 2007 and see what types of things I'm looking forward to.

I'm looking forward to Dwayne McDuffie writing the Fantastic Four. I've always thought he did a pretty good job with whatever he was working on, and I know he's fairly excited to get a shot at the FF. I'm definitely more interested to see his take on the book over JMS's.

I'm always interested in comic book history and processes, so I'll be doing, I expect, a fair amount of reading and research into more arcane corners of the industry. By the same token, I expect I'll be reading a broader variety of books and trying to pick up more off-beat and unusual titles. Hopefully some Europeam and possibly Japanese stuff as well. I'd also like to score a piece or two more of original comic book art -- I've got a decent enough handful now that I suppose I could call myself a collector of them, but I have nowhere near the collections of other people I know.

Technologically, I've seen some cool things come up in '06 and I'd like to see expansions on those ideas in '07. (I don't know what/how exactly, but I'm all for more/cooler/better technology in general.) Maybe I can provide a few more ideas to and help some more there, if nothing else.

With Rise of the Silver Surfer coming out in June and Spider-Man 3 in May, I'm sure they'll be some documentaries and such in the ensuing media onslaught. Since the releases will roughly coincide with Comic Con International, I'm hoping to see some cross-over media exposure from that as well. Indeed, I'll be curious to see if the con garners more media attention than in past years.

In all honesty, I'm also hoping to get some more exposure myself. My "Incidental Iconography" column will continue, naturally, and I'm going to make some headway on that Superheroes and Trauma essay I've mentioned before. I may show up in a special edition version of the first FF movie that I hope is still going to DVD in combination with the movie's sequel. If I can clear enough off my plate, I'd love to be able to start work on a book of my own about comic book fandom. We'll see if I can't a few more credits under my belt, as well!

And of course, that's all just what I know about! I'm sure there's plenty on the books that I haven't heard even whispers about yet, so let's see if I can't stay at least somewhat hopeful and optimistic.
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