Propaganda of the Deed: The Villain!

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As I mentioned the other day, I've recently read Neil Gaiman's Mr. Punch and since then, I've had these Punch and Judy images/voices rolling around in my head. Having mentally gone through a few Punch and Judy shows, it occurs to me that Mr. Punch is an anarchist. He stood up to any and every authority figure and quite literally beat them to death. As I'd noted even earlier, I was looking at having my "Propaganda of the Deed" storyline focus on my heroes battling against the anarchism movement of the later 1800s. Now I have a character to focus that negativity onto!

"But, wait! I think Mr. Punch is English, and that doesn't work with my notion of putting a wordly spin on things. Let me do some research..."

As it turns out, Mr. Punch is actually derived from the Pulcinella, a 17th century Italian character who's attitude isn't dissimilar to Punch's! Though you may not know the character by name, I suspect many of you have seen the chap before...
Holy cow! He's got a devilish looking mask already, which would also serve to hide his real identity perfectly! Plus, the large flowing costume could easily hide a person's frame, so the character could be fat or thin, man or woman... Or, better yet, the Pulcinella could be a series of people dressed up in the same manner!

I tell ya, this thing is writing itself! A little research evidently goes a LONG way!

(STILL searching for an artist, though!)
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