Crossgen Revived

By | Wednesday, December 20, 2006 Leave a Comment
Newsarama is reporting that Checker Book Publishing will be collecting several Crossgen titles that have previously NOT been collected. I, for one, am surprised and happy at the announcement. Surprised because, well, Crossgen went the way of the dodo a couple of years ago and, apart from Disney's interest in Abadazad, nothing much has been heard about them. And, given that Crossgen was only around for a couple of years in the first place, I expected to hear about as much from them as you hear about First or Valiant or Eclipse or...

I'm happy because I didn't get many of the Crossgen titles when they were originally produced. Just El Cazador and Abadazad. I picked up Ruse in TPB form shortly after Crossgen went under, and the first Sojourn shortly after that. High quality stuff, but I couldn't afford to go back and pick up back issues across the board... which were hard to find anyway. So, now I'll have the opportunity to fill out my collection with some well-done pieces that I didn't think would survive the light of day.
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