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Marvel has "announced" via this image that the post-Civil-War iteration of the Fantastic Four will consist of the Thing, Human Torch, Black Panther and Storm. Now, I should be intrigued and/or interested in a new development like this. But, my first thought couldn't help but be, "Oh, crap. Now I have to add a bunch of data about these two characters to"

My next thought was that that was so very wrong. I have to wonder if that means it's time to give up that web site. Comics should be fun, not a chore.

But, then again, maybe my irritation has more to do with the holiday season.
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Or just change the rules to what you archive on your site. Like, "Here's all the information you'll ever need about the real FF, and...oh yeah here's a sentence or two about some previous wannabees."

But I know what you mean about the chore bit. Not that I ever got anywhere near what you have done with your FF site, but Cap became a lot less fun for me when I was trying to record everything about him. Although he's not really fun for me now either, so maybe it's just comics in general that seem like a chore, these days.