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By | Monday, December 29, 2014 3 comments
Like, I'm sure, many of you, I've been hearing more and more about Patreon lately. It's a form of crowd-funding that allows individuals to contribute relatively small amounts on an ongoing basis to help support creators they like and appreciate. Unlike crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which are geared towards raising money for a specific goal, Patreon is more directed towards a body of work. There are rewards and goals, not unlike Kickstarter, but the direction is not towards a single deliverable, but an ongoing stream of creative works.

I've seen a number of webcomics creators take up the Patreon model, particularly in the past six months or so. Some are doing very well. David Willis is making nearly $4000 a month, Jonathan Rosenberg almost $3000.

I'd considered the model for myself, but didn't think it would be worth the effort in getting it set up. I don't have a very large audience, and I was having trouble thinking of incentives to offer. But I had a reader -- dare I say a "fan" -- actively suggest that I should set up an account, and that even a few additional bucks would make it worthwhile.

So with that bit of encouragement, today I'm announcing that I've officially launched my own Patreon campaign. I'm hoping that your financial support can allow me to conduct more research, and delve deeper into the comics catacombs to find cool and unusual items that most people have long-since forgotten. Here's my pitch...
(You may have noticed that I added a Patreon bug to my page a couple of days ago, so you might not be at all surprised about this.)

If you can't or don't want to contribute, I completely understand. This blog will keep going on as it has been, and you won't need to do anything different. But if you do like what I do, and are interested in supporting that, or even encouraging me to do more, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you'd care to provide.
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I'm definitely a fan. ^_^

It's very much appreciated, Erica! :)

Harold Edge said...

This seems very promising. Thanx for posting.