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  • Last week, Barbara Brandon-Croft cited the passing of her father, cartoonist Brumsic Brandon, Jr. I only discovered his work earlier this year, and am disappointed no one (myself included!) had time to follow up with him. Condolensces to Barbara and the rest of the family.
  • The Two Guys with PhDs have started a new webcomics-centric podcast. They spend about a third of their first episode trying to define "webcomics" (and give me a nice shout-out for already tackling the subject) before getting into some reviews. They're taking the same approach to webcomics that I did when first started looking at them -- just dive in, and see what you turn up!
  • Derek Beaulieu gave some of his Alberta College of Art + Design students an assignment to take any Archie comic and "produce a piece of work which is meta-textually aware of the form and function of the comic page and its devices... using ONLY the material in that comic." He's posted some of the results.
  • Two police investigators in Texas were arrested for the felony theft of comics from an evidence storage locker, connected with a different felony case against Anthony Chiofalo. Blevins has already plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing.
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