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By | Tuesday, December 02, 2014 2 comments
We live in an age where there are any number of high quality reprints available of fantastic older works that would go largely unseen otherwise. It's fantastic to be able to read complete runs of Nelvana, the original Lev Gleason Daredevil, and Terry and the Pirates decades after they completed. Having so many great works available, and frequently in high quality productions, is a dream for me and, I expect, many other armchair comic historians.

But not everything has been reprinted yet. So today, I'd just like to run through a list of works that I would like to see get good reprint treatments. I don't believe any of these have been collected yet, for whatever reason(s), and I don't know how financially feasible they are, but I know I'd buy copies of all of the following...

Friday Foster
Quincy (the newspaper strip)*
Speed Jaxon
Rom, the Spaceknight
Intellectual Amos
Ron Cobb's editorial cartoons*
Captain Klutz
Willie Lumpkin (the newspaper strip)
Air Pirates Funnies

I realize there's some complicated rights issues with several of these, but I'd still like to see all of these in their complete forms, as opposed to the handful of pieces I've happened across over the years. I'd be happy to work with a publisher, too, if they're in need of an editor or production coordinator or something!

* There have been some collections of these from the 1970s, but I don't believe everything has been reprinted.
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Tim said...

Some of the Willie Lumpkin strips were reprinted years ago in Marvel Age.

Britt Reid said...

Friday Foster was reprinted in the Menomonee Falls Gazette in the 1970s.
The Gazette would run an entire week (including Sundays) every issue.
I believe they finished the entire run.