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Some comic related links for you just as Comic-Con International is getting underway...
  • Rodrigo Baeza uncovers some non-Marvel work by Artie Simek. It was long believed that he never worked for any comic company besides Timely/Atlas/Marvel, so it's interesting to see what he did during the Atlas implosion of the 1950s.
  • Following up on a tangent from the Simek post, Baeza also unwraps an odd, but minor, mystery of some old Davey Crockett stories that Jack Kirby ghosted for Ed Herron's and Jim McArdle's newspaper strip in 1957.
  • Ken Quattro is on the hunt for The Spirit radio shows. "The Spirit radio? As in, Will Eisner? On the radio?" you ask. Exactly!
  • Daniel Peretti points us to this interview with Joumana Haddad who has written a book called Superman Is an Arab: On God, Marriage, Macho Men, and Other Disastrous Inventions, due out in September. From what I gather from the interview, and what strikes me as interesting, is that her approach does not equate Superman with the ideal hero, but rather as a powerful being who uses that power to assume moral superiority. She doesn't come across in the interview at least as a "the West is evil and all it's symbols are blasphemous" type, so it'll be interesting to see how she approaches things in her book.
  • Michael Dambold has begun posting a series on Color Theory in Comics. I don't know the percentage of comic artists that actually studied graphic design, but I imagine even a refresher course in color theory wouldn't hurt anyone. Part 1, Part 2.
  • Marketing guru Seth Godin notes how you can't have a single marketing message going out to everybody, that different people respond to different messages in different ways. Why am I noting that here? Because his examples are Batman and Superman.
  • Matt Kuhns takes a look at the credits boxes in a recent Marvel comicand wonders why so many people get their names in the book beyond those who actively crafted the issue.
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