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Ah... glad that Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year. I can just throw my links up and not have to come up with some insincere, patriotic-themed post! Onward...
  • Speaking of independence, Tim Marchman interviews Len Wein about Watchmen and Before Watchmen. The interview itself covers pretty well-tread territory, but what's striking is Wein isn't able to comment fully and has an official DC minder named Pam keeping his comments in check.
  • Maria Selke pays tribute to the many Star Wars references in the Babymouse series. (A series, I might add, is still widely ignored in comics circles despite it's long-running popularity among young readers.)
  • The Kids Read Comics Celebration is this weekend in Ann Arbor, MI. It's essentially a comic con aimed squarely at kids and teens with a noted lack of superheroes. I don't usually plug conventions here, but given how VERY little coverage kids comics receives in the "traditional" comic press, I felt this is worth pointing out.
  • Over at The Learned Fangirl, Viv Obarski talks about how television shows have become more and more impenetrable for casual viewers, and how you can't just watch episodes occasionally, but really have to commit to a full season. I'll let you make your own analogies to contemporary comics storytelling.
  • I caught Jamaal Branch plugging this on LinkedIn: AutoBio Comics. Basically, you write a story (to whatever level of detail you're comfortable with) and his team will draw it. The per page price varies depending on the art style you want but, if I'm reading things right, maxes out at $100. Although he's marketing it as a cool way to showcase someone's life story for a birthday/retirement/whatever gift, in theory, you could tell any story you wanted. It seems awfully cheap for the services provided, but Branch claims everyone's getting paid fairly.
  • Fashion designer Julien Fournié reveals that he's inspired by comic books, particularly the X-Men, especially particularly Storm, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix and Dazzler. To repeat: Storm, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix and Dazzler. Fashion conscious? Yes. Fashion inspirations? I'm not sure about that.
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