My Art Collection Is Now Online

By | Saturday, July 14, 2012 3 comments
I detailed how I first got a collection of original comic art started early in my blogging days. It's a little over a decade old now and, while it's not an aspect of collecting that I've pursued very strenuously, I have somehow wound up with over two dozen pieces of production art, including four splash pages and four covers!

Anyway, I finally got around to scanning everything in, starting up a Comic Art Fans account, and uploading my all my files. So I just thought I'd drop a quick note today to say that you're welcome to check them out here.
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Matt K said...

Is there something wrong with that site? It seems like maybe style sheets aren't loading or something.

Not seeing any issues currently. I do have trouble seeing things properly from work because of the proxy I have to go through; many of the ads and nav-related images don't load properly, but the site remains useable. But from home, I'm not having any problems on any browser I have installed currently. :?

Matt K said...

Just a glitch apparently; it looks like it works now. Thanks for posting this.