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  • Paul Slade writes an extensive, well-researched piece on the history of the Andy Capp comic strip. I've only scanned it so far, but it has some fascinating details, like how Reg Smythe had stockpiled enough strips that they continued to run for two years after his death! Slade then goes into how the current creators came to the strip and explains that month-long sequence I noted back in March where Andy tries to get healthy.
  • Philip Schweier caught wind of one thing comic fans can look forward to seeing during during The Games: at the Cultural Olympiad, the cultural festival of the London 2012 Olympics, will include transportation by rickshaws featuring The 99. I continue to be amazed at how well this IP does everywhere BUT in the United States.
  • Ivan Brandon examines the notion of creative largess in comics and movies. "At The Avengers earlier this summer... the sky opened up and the first thing I thought was: Infinity's too small... by movie standards it’s a full-scale invasion. But by the standards of the comic books these characters have lived through for decades, it’s a tiny molded miniature version of its inspiration." Lots of love for Jack Kirby here.
  • With the new Batman movie, obviously Will Brooker has been getting a bit of attention as THE go-to Batman expert. Over at The Daily Beast, he has a smart and nuanced look at what The Dark Knight Rises says about guns and killing.
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Unknown said...

Thanks for that link to Slade's Reg Smythe/Andy Capp.
It is a fantastic read for those of us who have been fans of the strip since it first appeard in the U.S.