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  • Let's kick off this week's links with a potential firecracker. Matt Kuhns weighs in on the debate about Jack Kirby getting a credit in the Avengers movie. He elaborates in some detail, but he says: "I think that we are at the point where, in any meaningful sense, Jack Kirby has received the credit he’s due."
  • Kuhns also points us to this article over at The Economist, focusing on Rich Stevens' successful Kickstarter campaign for Diesel Sweeties. There's little in the article that's new for folks who follow webcomics news, but it's interesting in that it touches on (lightly) the idea of making a living from an incredibly niche market that doesn't even remotely appeal to a broad audience. And, while that also isn't entirely news to webcomickers, that it's being brought up in The Economist is noteworthy, I think.
  • Will Brooker also shows up again in our links post with a Huffington Post article looking specifically at the viral campaign around the new Batman movie.
  • I totally missed seeing the launch last week, but throughout May, Blake Bell is doing a blog post every day on Steve Ditko. Despite claiming that his work speaks for itself and that he doesn't have anything to add to it, Ditko has remained a fairly elusive figure to comics culture on the whole, I think. More work about him -- especially when it delves deeper than "creator of Spider-Man" -- is a good thing.
  • Maggie Thompson talks up the upcoming Barnaby collection from Fantagraphics. (For the record, I knew of Barnaby, but I've never seen more than a handful of strips.)
  • Jim Amash points us to a "Spiderman" (no hyphen) design allegedly by Jack Kirby predating the famous costume everybody is familiar with. This is, of course, a fake that's circulated before, based on the Giant-Man splash page from Tales to Astonish #51. There are more details on Amash's Facebook page.
(The post title, by the way, is in reference to the marathon I ran this past weekend; it's called the Flying Pig. No actual sausage links were made in the production of this blog post.)
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