Links For How-Is-May-Not-Over-Yet Wednesday

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  • Tom Scioli has a new mini-comic out. You know, Tom Scioli? The Myth of 8-Opus and Gødland. He has the Kirby-esque vibe going on with both his art and his ideas? Yeah, that Tom Scioli. So, he has a new mini-comic that you currently can only pick up at conventions. I mention it here because the story is about Jack Kirby and his role in The Battle of Dornot. I think if anyone today should turn Jack's life into a comic, Scioli is the guy to do it.
  • Corey Blake alerts us to Graphic Medicine, a series of "graphic novels targeted to medical practitioners, patients, caregivers and their families." Definitely sounds intriguing to me!
  • How to make comic strips. In Brussels. Care of The Times in India. You know me; I always appreciate the non-American perspective.
  • Keeping with the international idea, when was the last time you heard about comic news from Russia? That's because until a "few years ago, no one talked about the comic book industry in Russia – there was nothing to talk about." Tatyana Shramchenko writes about how that's starting to change.
  • Speaking of international comics, Will Brooker over in the U.K. pens a piece on why Batman can't come out of the closet: "his whole character relies on him being in denial."
  • Neil Cohn points us to a new book called Linguistics and the Study of Comics, edited by Frank Bramlett. Topics included: "Image Schemas and Conceptual Metaphor in Action Comics", "Linguistic Codes and Character Identity in Afro Samurai" and "Representations of Irish English Speech in the Marvel Universe." Definitely sounds interesting!
  • And lastly, a five minute documentary on Joe Field and Flying Colors Comics.
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