I'm Running Out Of Clever "Links" Titles

By | Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Over at Comic Riffs, Michael Cavna promotes the idea that "Disney should smartly gift Kirby heirs with a cool million." I noted last week that I thought it would be more likely if it came from Whedon personally, but I'm all for the Kirby estate getting reasonably compensated for Jack's work.
  • While Dan Peretti is waiting for the publishing wheels to spin on Superman in Myth and Folklore, he's keeping busy by firing up his blog (A Job for Superman) again and posting some interesting stuff about the man of steel, and some other comics stuff. Worth a look!
  • It's already gotten a fair amount of traction, so I'm tempted to skip this last one, but it's a light week for me and this seems noteworthy. Mark Andrew Smith pens "The A to B Manifesto. The creator as retailer."
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