Today's Framing Project

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I got a raise at work a couple weeks back and I thought it was high time to celebrate by getting some comic book art up on the walls. But I try to keep a somewhat classy homestead, so I'm not just going to tack up some posters with thumbtacks! I went out for some actual frames.

I've actually got quite a few pieces that could stand being framed. Some cool posters, prints, original art... But I do have a limited amount of wall space to work with, so I had to limit my selections to two. Both of which, in fact, ended up replacing pieces already on the walls!

First was a print of Jack Kirby's "Incan Visitation." He originally did this in 1975, and a bunch were printed up in the early 1990s for sale as well. I got mine when I got a membership to the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center. The framing on this was pretty straight-forward, though I did go a bit cheap by cutting the matte myself. Not the best job, by any stretch, but it looks decent from a standard viewing distance of a few feet away. Black frame and white matte so as not to compete against all the colors (which, oddly, matches the color scheme of the room) and it's hung in a position so it's one of the first things I see when I get home.

More interesting (from a trying-to-frame-it perspective) is a limited edition print entitled "Life is a series of compromises" from Curio & Co. They were kind enough to send me one shortly after their initial Eisner nomination. I debated a while on what to do with this, because of it's unusual size: roughly 26¾" tall by 5¼" wide. Not many ready-made frames could fit that. What I did find, though, was one of those plexiglass poster frames that might work. But, since the print doesn't lend itself easily to matting, I wanted to try a floating-frame type option. What I wound up doing is taking two of those poster frames and sandwiching the two pieces of plexiglass in one frame. This wasn't thick enough for the frame, though, so I had wedge some slim pieces of matte board along the sides to ensure everything stayed in place. I'm rather pleased how this one turned out.
So there you have my framing project for the day. Bringing comic art to the walls without making my home look like a college dorm room.
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