Spring Links

By | Wednesday, April 04, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • How about an hour and a half of video footage of Gary Groth interviewing Robert Crumb at the India Comic Con? Not enough? How about another hour of Groth by himself? And how about another 40 minutes of Chris Oliveros? Why have you not clicked the link yet?
  • The Food Junk blog takes a taste of 22-year-old Batman cereal. Although the author suggests the plastic has taken it's toll on the cereal after two decades, I recall having the cereal back in the day and it really wasn't that good in the first place. Even if I were 100% certain the foodstuff had remained completely unaltered since 1990, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't try it again.
  • The folks at io9 recently posted a bunch of scf-fi themed cosplay pictures from the 1970s. Of interest to comic folks are a pre-ElfQuest Wendy Pini dressed as a fairy/elf and the only Cheech Wizard costume I've ever seen. Fair warning, though, several images fall into the NSFW category.
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