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  • Remember last week when I linked to a scathing obituary of Mort Weisinger? Well, his son Hank came back to defend him. Seemingly oblivious to the irony in light of the current ongoing discussion about creators' rights, his defense largely consists of the idea that the comics industry would have to be pretty fucked up to let someone without original ideas of their own make money off the backs of people who are actually creative.
  • The Khaleej Times has a report on the Middle East Film and Comic Con Convention that was held in Dubai last week.
  • Former Xeric winner Erik Evensen is Kickstarting his next graphic novel, The Beast of Wolfe's Bay. I reviewed his Gods of Asgard a little while back, so I expect Beast will be a good book as well.
  • On May 1, Big Dog Theater in Cleveland Heights is hosting a book release party for Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland. Guests include Joyce Brabner, Joseph Remnant, Josh Frankel, and Jeff Newelt. (h/t John Bauer)
  • Long-time comics guru Peter Sanderson revives his "Comics in Context" column. Although he reviews the movie Cabin the Woods, which isn't even a property based on a comic, there's quite a lot of comics context in there as well. Also, be sure to wish Sanderson a happy birthday today!
  • Will Brooker provides another Batman-focused piece for the Huffington Post. He concludes that, "Some Batmen are gay. Get over it."
  • Christopher Irving interviews Larry Hama in the second episode of The Drawn Word TV. The second half of the interview should go live sometime today.
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Chuck Field said...

I received an answer to our (interesting) "Viewmaster" Question of April 2.
Posting Scott's answer there.

That's great, Chuck! Thanks for the follow-up! :)