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  • Long-time F.O.O.K. (Friends of Ol' Kleefeld) Matt Kuhns has been on a roll with comics-related posts lately. His recent trip to France allowed him to look at the Bayeux Tapestry and the much-lesser-known the Scroll of Great Counsellor. His thoughts are here.
  • Another F.O.O.K. Valerie Gallaher nee D'Orazio not only has a new name, but a new blog called Valerie Inc. It's still early yet, but it looks like they'll be distinctly less hacking off her own arm here. (Something of an inside joke there. No actual arms were harmed in her previous blogs.)
  • Maggie Thompson forgot she helped write two issues of Thor. I'm actually looking forward to the point where I've contributed so much to comicdom that I start to forget what I've done.
  • David Elfanbaum put together this comic to help promote visual thinking and gamestorming as a standard business practice. While it is a promotional piece for his Asynchrony Solutions, there's some interesting things going on, both with the ideas as well as the presentation. You can see him pitching the idea and the comic in this video, which also (amusingly) features Mr. Spock riding an elephant.
  • Last week, Al Bigley posted the back cover from Batman DC Limited Collector's Edition which featured a cut-out diorama. I don't know how many kids actually cut into their comic for this back in the day, but the print out version makes it much more feasible. Plus, it's a neat way to add some color to your cubicle at work!
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Matt K said...

Cheers. You would really enjoy that scroll if you ever get a chance to view the whole thing in some format, I think.