Wednesday Link-O-Rama

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  • The Cincinnati Art Museum is currently running an exhibit called The Way We Are Now: Selections from the 21c Collection. I gather the pieces range all over the map artistically, but the centerpiece seems to be one called "Fat Bat." CityBeat has more details.
  • Matt Kuhns examines the cover art for the upcoming Red Skull: Incarnate series, comparing them with actual Nazi imagery that they're supposed to be alluding to.
  • Can't justify the extra bucks for a toy Mjolnir to wield when you see the Thor movie later this week? Now you can make your own out of paper!
  • C.J. Renner and Jim Clark have been teaching a Creating Comic Books class in Hopkins, MN the past several weeks. It's been going so well, they'll be doing another one in the fall.
  • Wired has an interesting piece on the Pentagon formally starting a program that allows veterans to create comics and graphic novels as a form of therapy to deal with what they may have witnessed in combat. This kind of 'art therapy' has known to be useful for years, so it's good to see encouragement in all its forms. What strikes me as interesting, though, is this line about how "the black-and-white comic is precisely the kind of thing Darpa apparently has in mind — and also exactly the sort of thing that could embarrass the military if the comics leaked into general circulation." Leaked would imply that the soliders are only allowed to create this material if they vow never to publish it.
  • And don't forget that Free Comic Book Day is this weekend!
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