The Best Video Game The Torch Played...

By | Friday, May 06, 2011 1 comment
You're telling me that, in the headquarters of the Fantastic Four, in the building that houses perhaps the greatest collection of technological wizardry on the planet, with the nearly infinite resources of one of the world's premier super teams, the Human Torch's best option for alleviating boredom is playing Atari's obscenely repetitive Spider-Man game from 1982?!?
From The Fantastic Four: Island of Danger by David Anthony Kraft and Earl Norem. Circa 1984. As in, two years' of technological advances after the Spider-Man game came out.
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Matt K said...

When did Island of Danger take place, though?

From the blue and black costumes depicted, presumably it would belong no later than mid-1983, going by series continuity.

Either that, or some time around say 2002. In which case, yes, the Torch definitely needs to upgrade his gaming gear.