Littered With Comics

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Sitting next to my computer here are a small stack of comics I picked up yesterday. I keep track of my collection on ComicBookDB so I was logging them in. There's also a few trade paperbacks that I got in the mail recently. Logged, but they haven't been read or moved to the bookshelf yet.

On the nightstand in my bedroom is a half-read collection of pieces by Steve Ditko and an unread copy of Mike Madrid's The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines that I just received. Both are for more casual reading before bed.

The small coffee table in the living room has about a dozen Fantastic Four comics from 1966/1967. There's also a copy of an old Herald-Tribune article about Marvel Comics from the same period. Research for a pair of articles I'm working on.

The kitchen table has a poster promoting The Outlaw Prince, a graphic novel based on Edgar Rice Burrough's The Outlaw of Torn. There's also a pair of books highlighting some local area attractions; they're done in something akin to a comic book style, though I'm not entirely sold on the idea that they're actually comics yet.

There's another graphic novel in my work bag, which is resting near the door. Something to read on my lunch breaks at the office.

That's all of course in addition to where my comic collection is actually stored in the basement.

This is why being an adult and owning your own home is cool.
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