Star Wars, XMas Eve & Blogging

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When I was a kid, we had a family get-together on Christmas Eve every year. We would go over to my mother's cousin's house sometime after dinner, and they'd have cheese & crackers, and drink wassail. I think there was typically ten or twelve people there, but my brother and I were the only kids. The grown-up talk got boring pretty quickly, so we'd wind up in the basement so we could watch videos.

My mom's cousin and her husband were pretty hip and savvy people, so they had a Betamax player long before most people even heard of video recorders. The down-side, though, was that they were adults and didn't have much in the way of videos that a couple of kids would like. But there was one movie they had.

Star Wars.

It soon became part of the holiday tradition that when we went over to their house on Christmas Eve, my brother and I were almost in the basement before we had our coats off. Mom would have to haul us into the living room to be polite and say hello to everyone first. But we wanted to get the movie started; we rarely stayed a full two hours and never got to see the end of the movie. We got called to put on our coats and boots just as the Rebellion was about to launch their attack on the Death Star!

As you may well know, I'm an atheist. So the holidays (any of them around this time) hold no religious significance for me. I try to celebrate good friends and family, but whether that occurs on December 1 or 21 or 23 or 25 or 26 or whenever is irrelevant. I had my family over for festivities last weekend.

The most exciting plans I have for this weekend are watching the first Star Wars trilogy (original theatrical release versions) and doing some blogging. So when you're hiding from Aunt Hilda in the computer room or trying to ignore screaming youngsters by pulling out your smart phone, you'll at least have THIS blog to resort to, even if the rest of the comicdom seems to have gone offline.

I figured I'd just give you all a heads up that I'll still be here for you when you get sick and tired of your own relatives. Cheers!

Now, if you'll excuse me for the moment, I think I can hear a John Williams fanfare beckoning...
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Sounds like a very enjoyable evening to me. Beth (my fiance) is the daughter of a preacher, so Christmas is pretty important to them - this year is my first year with that family (younger siblings included) and it's a bit different for my wayward Jew self.

Nonetheless, family is always good to have and I'm quite thankful. Even if I'd rather we just celebrate in June when it isn't quite so cold up here ;)