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I've been using Google Reader as one portion of my online comics reading venue. (Although I've changed some of the specifics, this older post walks through how I aggregate, sort and keep up with all of the webcomics I follow. Yes, all.) I actually use Google's broader portal feature for following anything news-related -- from broader world-news to comics-specific news to individual creator blogs. My Google Reader is then exclusively dedicated to webcomics that feature RSS feeds.

What I just saw/found/stumbled over today was their "Trends" link within the Reader. I think I'd seen it before, but never bothered to click on it because I don't really care what other people's interests are. But it turns out that it, in fact, takes a look back at my personal trends. My own Google Reader stats. Here's what I saw when I clicked on it...
The "119 Subscriptions" is how many webcomics I read through there. (There are another 42 that I read in other ways.) Some are daily, some are weekly, some are in between, some don't have any regular schedule at all. But apparently, in the past 30 days, there were 1,147 new comics that I read through Reader. (I do, in fact, read every one.) That averages out to 38 new comics per day, if you're curious.

The "clicked" items are comics that say they have an update through the feed, but I still have to click over to the site to view the actual comic. I don't put much weight in that number because several of the comics I read do actually come through in the feed, but at a reduced size. So, depending on the specifics of that particular comic, I may or may not be able to read the condensed version.

The 22,637 number is a little off as well, I'm sure. While I started using Google Reader in 2006, I didn't really start pushing all my comics to it until 2008.

There's some other stats to browse through in the Trends area, but that 1,147 caught me off-guard the most. I don't know what kind of number I would've expected to see there, but that's certainly a lot higher than I would've guessed.

And here I was, thinking I wasn't reading very much!

But for those of you who are using Google Reader, I point this feature out because I figure it might be interesting to check out your own stats to see what you've been reading!
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