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How the heck did it get to be 11:00 already? Didn't I just wake up? Meh. Such is December. Let's do some link-blogging today to try to catch up...

SANE Journal
The first issue of SANE Journal (Sequential Art Narrative in Education) is now available online for free. Check it out here. I haven't read any of it yet, but I do note that several of the contributors have doctorates, so I figure it must be at least well-thought out.

Rather-Be-Hunting Guys Comics
I can't help but think this falls at the other end of the spectrum. A gent by the name of Dale Dunnerway started up a "Rather Be Hunting" line of products a while back. First I've heard of him or them, but it turns out that, among his products, are several comic books based around his Rather-Be-Hunting Guy character. I'm pointing him out today because this press release says that he'll be donating 1,000 of his comics to soldiers and veterans. Those interested can purchase both of his books from his site.

Monkey Day
Today is Monkey Day. Nuff said.

Free Comic Book Day
Darwyn Cooke provided some DC hero artwork for a 2011 Free Comic Book Day t-shirt. View it here. Not surprisingly, Cooke turned in a really nice piece. They'll be available in stores in early April before the May 7 event.

Top Female Comic Creators
The S.O. pointed out to me that Jezebel has a good list of their top 10 female comic book creators from 2010. It's actually republished from Comic Book Resources, but there's something very positive and note-worthy about it appearing on Jezebel, a site devoted to "celebrity, sex, fashion for women." Especially since less prominent, though potentially more accessible, creators like Katie Cook are named. (Cook's Gronk really captured my attention earlier this year, despite completely NOT being the type of fare I would normally enjoy.)
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