That's No Moon...

By | Thursday, December 02, 2010 2 comments
I might have to bow out from actual blogging for the next day or two. Apparently, my basement flooded.

I left town last week Tuesday for a Thanksgiving vacation. I had quite an enjoyable time. I got back in on Monday, and had to quickly get back into work and making sure that I still had groceries and whatnot. I only now just went into the basement to get some laundry done, since I don't have any clean socks left. But as I stepped on one of the rugs, it went squish. Soaking wet. As was the rug next to it. And the two on the other side of the basement. And my action figure city was still sitting in a about a millimeter of water. Which doesn't sound like much, but any piece of cardboard sitting on the ground is ruined. The plastic bits seem okay, but there's at least three or four playsets that are ruined. (Including my homemade Four Freedoms Plaza!) What's worse is that the 7' x 7' homemade Tatooine playset is completely destroyed. As is the life-size cardboard R2-D2 watching over things.

I have no idea when this happened -- must have been sometime while I was gone. The pipes all seem okay, so I'm guessing we had a huge rainstorm. Maybe my sump pump died; I'll have to check on that.

In any event, I'm going to spend a lot of my free time the next few days cleaning up the basement. Blogging will resume once I get things under control.

On the plus side, all of my comics were up off the ground and weren't damaged at all.
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Matt K said...

Dude, that is awful. I realize that far worse things could happen, but this still sucks.

Here's to building something (whatever it might be) even better next time.

DeBT said...

Good to know your comics escaped the destruction. It would be disastrous if that happened. I had a furnace that flooded several of my childhood magazines, so I can relate.