The Tree

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Alright, I spent a good chunk of the weekend fighting to achieve the traditional dead tree in your front window thing. (Actually, it's a fake tree. Current estimates suggest that a fake tree is only better for the environment if you keep/use it for at least 20 years. I'm only half-way there at the moment, but it's still in good shape so I'm pretty confident it'll last another decade at least.) So what was the result?
My ex-wife used to do the tree decorating and had this blue/silver themed thing she did. To be honest, it looked pretty classy, like something you'd see in a upscale department store or something. That was in large part because my ornaments never got hung. She took all the blue/silver stuff when she split, and ornament-wise just left me with whatever she didn't want. Which is fine, because the tree now reflects more of my tastes...

The Bugs Bunny tree topper is animated, swinging that candle back and forth while his head turns from side to side. Besides Superman and the Flash, Batman and Robin are also represented in figure form, as are many of the classic Warner Brothers cartoon characters. Including Gossamer! The diamond-shaped piece was printed in "The Norm" comic strip a few years back as a DIY generic holiday ornament.

The tree is severely weighted towards the WB/DC end of the comic spectrum. I should probably rectify that sometime and get some Marvel, Image and Dark Horse representation. Some more comic strips, too. I think I've only got one Peanuts ornament. Anyone have suggestions along those lines?
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