Comic Christmas

By | Sunday, December 19, 2010 1 comment
My Christmas was actually this weekend, thanks largely due to a confluence of weird schedules. My folks were down to visit this weekend, and I hosted (yes, I hosted -- I'm as amazed as you are!) a family get-together with Dad's side of the family. It went off surprisingly well (to me, at least) and I got a few comic related gifts that I thought I'd share...
My aunt also asked to see my "famed" comic book collection, but I had to decline her since the basement, while now dry, is still quite a mess from the flood a couple weeks ago.

Also, an amusing story about the Oz book. When my folks bought it, the clerk started talking it up. "Yeah, this is a great book! It's got this girl who goes to the magic land, where she has to fight this witch. But she gets help from a lion and a scarecrow, and..." Nothing about this particular interpretation of the book, just the basic plot. Now, granted, it's a good story and that's why it's still being read 100 years after it was written. But, seriously, how many American adults don't know the basic plot line? If only from the old MGM movie?

All in all, a good holiday gathering and some great gifts from my parents. Thanks very much, and happy holidays!
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Lauren said...

These books look awesome! That Native American Tales one looks especially interesting! May have to check these out myself!