Interesting Comic-Animation Hybrid

By | Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1 comment
French artist Vincent Giard has apparently been playing around with comic-animation hybrids. The basic story is laid out and structured like a comic, but he adds animation to highlight the mood. Check out this silent comic he posted back in May...
01 02

Note that none of the animations actually depict motion at all, the typical use for animation. Instead, the animations are used to enhance the feel of the individual panel. Not all of his online comics use animation, and there are a few panels that use it for the purpose of conveying motion of some sort, but by and large, he uses animation judiciously and to specific emotive effect. Probably the most interesting/unique mix of comics and animation that I've seen. Cool stuff and makes me wish I'd take French in high school instead of Spanish.

(Hat tip to the S.O. for pointing this out to me!)
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Ethan said...

Wow, that is truly awesome.