Birthday Gifts From My Brother's Family

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I got home from work last night, and there was nothing on the porch. I stayed in all evening, and never heard the anyone knock or ring the doorbell. But as I was leaving for work this morning, I saw a package leaning up against the door. I grabbed it, drove to work and opened it once I got in to find birthday gifts from my brother and his family...
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham
After a quarter century of buying the comic every month, I finally stopped buying this comic monthly shortly after Marvel's "Civil War" storyline. The book just wasn't fun any more. And, although I haven't really been paying attention to it at all since then, I heard a few good (if vague) things about Hickman's run on the book. It'll be interesting to see not only what he's done here, but also what my reaction to my old favorite will be after a multi-year hiatus.
Fear Agent: Hatchet Job by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Kieron Dwyer
I've got the first three TPBs of this from a little while back and enjoyed the character of Heath Huston and storyline. I'm interested to see how things progress after all the reality-changing and whatnot from the previous work.

Thanks to my brother and his fam!
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Matt K said...

I don't know if this current Fantastic Four is any good, either, though I wince every time I read "nu-earth" or whatever it is in the previews, and also had to literally laugh out loud the first time I saw that they revived the extra-generic title design from the 1970s.

Let us know what you conclude!