Birthday Gifts From The Folks

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My dad was passing through town this weekend and stopped overnight with some slightly early birthday gifts from Mom and him. Certainly not necessary, but much appreciated. The comics related stuff you might be interested was...
The Creeper by Steve Ditko
I'm still not entirely sure what DC was thinking in the 1970s when they got Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to just do whatever weird and wacky stuff they wanted. I missed all of it the first time around (I was a bit too young to be reading those back then) and am grateful that they're being reprinted now. I've never read any of Ditko's Creeper stories, so I'm eager to get into this.
Perhapanauts: Second Chances by Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau
I read the first volume of Perhapanauts a little while back, shortly after discovering Alex Grecian's and Riley Rossmo's Proof. I'm intrigued by the vaguely similar concepts and how different they're turning out. Both series are very good, though I am a tad more partial to Rossmo's illustration style.
Planetes Volume 4, Book 2 by Makoto Yukimura
I'd read the first three volumes of this and was summarily impressed with everything in them. I've had difficulty tracking down the last two books, though, so this is a welcome addition. Now, I just need to get Volume 4, Book 1 and I'll have the complete series. I'm still left with the question of why they opted to have five books total, and label the first three as Volumes 1-3 (which seems obvious and straightforward) but then the last two books are BOTH labeled Volume 4 but broken into two parts. Why not just Volumes 4-5? In any event, great reading here!

Thanks much to Mom and Dad!
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