Three Questions I'd Like Answered

By | Thursday, August 05, 2010 3 comments
1. I just noticed that Of Comics and Men: A Cultural History of American Comic Books by Jean-Paul Gabilliet has been translated into English. Has anyone read this and/or could someone point me to a review?

2. If I go see the Scott Pilgrim movie wearing this t-shirt...

... would that make me a hipster? Or only if wear the shirt ironically? Mine isn't the one sold by Hot Topic if that makes a difference. Oh, and it was given to me for free. Does that matter?

3. Anyone go to one of the Tokyopop Tour events this summer? There's one close enough for me to get to on Sunday, but I haven't seen much in the way of reactions to these stops. I'm definitely going anyway -- in part because I don't have anything else to do on Sunday -- but I'm curious how these events have been handled/managed so far.
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Matt K said...

1) I have not read it, and probably cannot find a review if you have already tried and been thwarted, O Web Jedi. It is apparently 432 pages, but even so I have difficulty imagining its being worth $50. Perhaps wait six months?

2) It will not make you a hipster. Sorry.

3) I will know something about the Tokyopop Tour after you post your observations, I suspect. :-)

Actually I was hoping to AVOID coming across as a hipster. I much prefer falling into the "I don't even know HOW to classify that guy" category.

As for 1 and 3, you score points for both frankness and gratuitous flattery. :)

Matt K said...

Ah. In that case, for some people that t-shirt might risk a "wannabe hipster" impression.

But you, I think, would still manage to adequately baffle categorization.