Curious Birthday Convergences

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Here are a couple of screen grabs from "Survival", the very last episode of the original Doctor Who television series.
It's interesting because the three main actors here, Sylvestor McCoy (the Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Anthony Ainley (the Master), were all born on August 20. Ainley in 1932, McCoy in 1943 and Aldred in 1962. Though they all appeared in this particular story and actually worked with each other on location, the three never actually shared screen-time at all. In fact, the only image I could find where of all three of them appeared in the same shot was a behind-the-scenes picture taken during shooting that appears on the DVD of the episode...Sadly, McCoy (with the umbrella) and Aldred (in red) are out of focus. The VHS release of the story did feature a collage of their images painted together, but they were clearly taken from three different points of the story.

Although it would have been a nice touch of serendipity, the filming, original airing, and releases of the VHS, novelization and DVDs did NOT occur on any August 20.

What DID occur on August 20 in 1972, though, was the birth of yours truly, a Who fan for about a quarter century now. However I have never been photographed in relation to any Doctor Who actors regardless of what their birthday was.
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Matt K said...

Happy birthday old man.

P.S. Photoshop.



You know, I did think about Shopping a few images together for this, but that seemed to go against the low-tech nature of the original Dr. Who episodes. I mean, it was a 1989 science fiction show and the most complex effect they used was a split screen!