Dr. Kleefeld?

By | Monday, January 11, 2010 Leave a Comment
No, it's not going to happen with this Kleefeld, I'm fairly sure; however, I am at least nominally tempted to fly out to California to get a degree, just so I can have the opportunity to sit in some of Henry Jenkins' classes, when he posts documents like this phenomenal-looking syllabus. I'm going to have to opt for the cheaper (saner?) route, though, of just taking advantage of the collection of reading material he references. Fortunately, I've already read much of it and reference a number of the pieces in my own book, but there still look to be several other interesting pieces that I haven't read yet. (Man, I can't imagine trying to have researched all this and tracked down other reference material before the internet!)

Anyway, for now, I'll have to settle for dreaming about having Comic Book Fanthropology show up on a syllabus like this one day. Hopefully, it will get into enough libraries and get some promotion for the online version to make it (what I think) a valuable reference piece.
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