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Back in March 2008, I noted that long-time comic retailing veteran Robert Beerbohm was running up against some health/insurance issues stemming from a 35-year-old comic related accident. (I'll have to post the full story behind that sometime. It'd almost be funny if Beerbohm wasn't still having to deal with it.) He had the surgery and I reported in December that his recovery was going well, and he planned on being back on the comic convention circuit by April.

I learned early this week, though, that he was going under the knife again, this time for issues related to a hernia. The surgery was yesterday and his daughter Kati noted that it went well.

HOWEVER, as Beerbohm was getting ready to leave today, he slipped and fractured his left femur near the metal ball joint he had put in a few months back!

Although I don't have much more in the way of details, Kati seemed to imply that her dad is okay, all things considered, and their bigger concern is trying to figure out how the family is going to pay for that in addition to her skull surgery towards the end of February. I'm certainly in no position to speak to the Beerbohm's collective financial situation, but I will point out that over 60% of all bankruptcies in the U.S. are at least partially caused from medical expenses.

The family didn't seem too keen on accepting charity before, and I'm not sure if that's changed, but I would recommend heading over to and/or their eBay storefront and purchasing some of their great stuff! (I mean, come on! Original 1939 model sheets for Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto? An 1897 music sheet featuring the Yellow Kid? A Spy Smasher Republic serial press kit from 1942? How could you not want those?)

Questions and well-wishing can be directed to kati (AT) blbcomics (DOT) com

Get well soon, Bob!
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