Question For Professional Writers...

By | Sunday, November 08, 2009 1 comment
As Comic Book Fanthropology will be my first book, I'm wondering if it's normal to panic more as it gets closer to press?

You know, because I've got ISBNs assigned now (not that they're showing up in anyone's databases yet) and covers pretty much done (except for a couple pull quotes) and the book itself is all laid out (just waiting for a tad more info to finish up a couple pages). I'm reasonably confident that it's decently written, but between you, me and the interwebs, I'm getting really, really anxious about it now. Eep!

For whatever it's worth, here's my official bar codes for the hardcover and paperback versions. Some of you cleverer folks might be able to glean a few things from them.

Did I mention, "Eep!"
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Mike Leung said...

Congratulations. Good luck with the book's reception.