Become A Certified Comic Book Fanthropologist!

By | Friday, November 06, 2009 1 comment
I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, "Gee, Sean, this Comic Book Fanthropology book of yours sounds pretty swell, but I'm just a plain old fanboy. Do I have what it takes to really become a comic book fanthropologist?"

Of course! And while my book isn't out quite yet, you can jump on the bandwagon NOW by getting yourself some gear that will let everyone know just who they're dealing with! Just by reading this very blog, you, my friends, are Certified Comic Book Fanthropologists and there's now booty available for you to proclaim your status to the world!

Utilizing the brilliant artwork of Colin Panetta, we've put together some really sharp-looking materials that will give you all the authority you'll need to walk around comic book conventions world-wide and study the comic fan in one of their native habitats! Order now to ensure that your gear arrives in time for you to utilize it while reading the book!
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Anonymous said...

now I know it!